Tuesday, 24 October 2017

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Trip to town 

As a class we went to town to go to the Art Gallery, the Margaret Mahy playground and to look at the street art. My favourite thing that I saw was a mannequin named Hori and the sun shades that are at the playground. I learned that art isn't not just a painting. It can be a sculpture a dance or just a building.

Arts activity 1 drama 

This week I did drama with Danielle. I did the play of Little Red Ridinghood with Liam, Sam, Ollie, Leon and Sean. I learned that drama is fun. 

Taking photos 

This week we went and captured the heart of Waimairi School through photos. I took this photo with Harry on the monkey bars. In the photo it captures people having fun, laughing and a tree in the background.


I worked with Jonti and Enzo. This is what it turned out like. The materials we used were a tin can for the body, two bottle lids for the eyes, popsicle sticks for the arms, legs, shield and the sword, cardboard for the belt and hot glue to stick everything together. My one is a table sitter.

Enzo’s and mine


Calendar art
This week I made my calendar art. The options that you could choose from they were collage, silhouette and tapa cloth. I chose collage. It went well because I didn't talk the whole time and because of that I finished on time.

This what it looks like

Fly on the wall

Jacob, Harry and I went to He Tangata to be a fly on the wall. A fly on the wall is someone who is like a spy documenting things people do, like when someone is practicing for something and someone else is watching and the other person doesn't know someone is watching. We went to He Tangata to capture the heart of Waimairi School. 

This is one of the photos I took 

Kapa-haka performance at Monday meet-up

On Monday at Monday Meet-up on the 11th of September the kapa-haka group performed for the school because we have to perform at Touhou Festival and we used it for a dress rehearsal. I didn't like being top less in front of the whole school. 

Money shot
When Harry Jacob and I went to He Tangata to do fly on the wall I took my money shot it shows people working together as a team to achieve there goal.

 I think the heart of Waimairi School is working together, co-operating and having fun, this photo shows all of these things.

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