Monday, 3 July 2017

Science Blog Week 8

Science Blog Week 8

What is force? 
Force is a motion, it can push, pull, accelerate or thrust. For example when you drive a car when you go to accelerate you put your foot on the accelerator and the car moves. Right? No it's not that simple. When you put your foot down it sends an electrical signal to the engine to make the pistons go around which makes the drive shaft go around which makes the wheels go around which makes the car increase speed. 
Or when a toddler picks up a toy car  the toddler pulls it towards he or she. So he or she is using the pull force.

The activity I did was rocket balloons. The materials you need to make rocket balloons are balloons, string, tape and a place to tape your string.
The steps were… 
Set your variables
Get your length of string.
Get your straw.Cut the straw to the length you want it to be.
Thread the straw through the string.
Tape the string to the table.
Blow up the balloon to the size you set it to be in my case 26 by 11 centimetres.
Tape the balloon to the straw.
Start recording your data and filling in your sheet.
Here is a picture of my data sheet

The average time was 2.89 seconds.
I have learned a lot of cool facts about force and motion like that you use force and motion every day, like when when a dog picks up his bone and take it away to its kennel. There is lots of force going on to the dog. Gravity is pulling the dog down and the force from the dog's bite is keeping the bone in his mouth.
I think changing the variables can change the data completely. Because when we put some rice in the balloon and it all spilled out at halfway and didn't go any further.

With the knowledge that I have gained this term I am going to make a Bmx track.

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