Monday, 3 July 2017

Bmx Track Plan

Science Activity 

I am going to make a model Bmx track with a bike that you can push around the track.
I am working with by myself.
What I need. A4 paper box lid,dirt,straws,green plasticine,black and white fabric,toothpicks,black paint and back plasticine.
I am going to work in the office.

I would like the track to look like this.

Steps for the track

Flip the box so that the edges are facing upwards.
Pack the dirt so that the dirt is flush with the edges.
Paint the outsides black. ( wait till the paint is dry before you do the next step )
 Model your jumps and berms.
Put the decorative stuff on. (Start and finish line,track liner,gate and moto shed.)

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