Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Football boots

Football boots

I am energetic, happy, proud, graceful, skilled and caked in mud at a Saturday night footy game. My owner takes really good care of me he scrubs me when I am covered in mud or that time I got a hole he took me to the shoe shop to mend my ugly gash. I was made by Adidas for the best player in the world Lionel Messi. We won the FIFA World Cup with me on his feet. It was a blast. Now lying in this smelly locker room lifeless down waiting for my chance to dazzle everyone who's eyes meet mine. 

Saturday night football caked in mud full of sweat, no!! I don't what to be subbed now come on really? Not now. Oh fine. Aaa! I hate it when gross sticky sweat oozes on me it's just the feeling that gets to me everything else I don't mind. Beep! Game over we won! 4 - nil. What a great feeling. In the car ride home I sit there drying up the mud sticks to me, what a bad feeling. But I know that he will scrub me when we get home. But this time he doesn't, what? That's not normal is there something wrong with me? Then I casually look behind me and then I see it. The biggest rip I've ever seen and there's a hole in his sock with a massive bruise. That whistle must have been the fowl whistle. Now I lie lifeless doing nothing. My once bright white and the gold smudged with dark sticky, gloopy, mud my built in socks ripped tattered ruined, just ruined. He's not going to fix me just leave me here alone forgotten. I had a good life. I was brand spanking new one and a half years ago. Oaftn and off he swapped boots changing each game he wore me the most thought like the World Cup that was a blast.

By Cooper

The language features I used were lots of detailed words like dazzled,tattered,smudged,oozing and graceful.
I would like to work on punctuation.

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