Sunday, 30 October 2016

My Discovery Reflection

During discovery time I enjoyed cooking, woodwork, football and husky racing. There is a photo below.  The challenges I overcame were… making jelly. I accidentally didn't bring enough gelatine so one batch only had one packet of gelatine. Football was hard because no one wanted to play. I overcame these challenges by carrying on and persuading some people to play. A new skill I developed was planning ahead so I could do cooking.

Over the past two terms my learning has focused on the following key competencies:
  • Being patient and taking time to achieve a good result
  • Taking time to work things out
  • Planning ahead

I was challenged by taking time to get a good result because I am not very patient. I got better at planning ahead. When I did cooking I had to bring ingredients to make the jelly. I am looking forward to making an iMovie during term 4 with my friends Enzo,Jacob and Josh.

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