Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Speech reflection

My written reflection of my speech 

Hello and welcome to the written reflection of my speech. The parts of my speech I am most proud of is my whole speech, I never knew I could write that much.  It was hard but fun.  The challenges I faced were 1. Not mucking around 2. I ran out of ideas. To overcome theses challenges I moved away from my friends and I thought about ideas in the weekend.  Overall I feel very proud of the way I slowly wrote my speech because it was really long and and I got a 20/25. 

When practicing my speech I tried to do hand gestures and connect with the audience. I think I did the following things well as I presented my speech to the class - connecting with the audience and projecting my voice.  I personally think I did a  pretty good job at projecting my voice. I was challenged to do hand gestures and to connect with the audience.  I overcame my challenges by keeping calm and trying my best.  Overall I feel really proud of my speech.

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