Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Waking up

7:20 - I wake up to the sound of bird song, my fountain trickling and Mom telling me to wake up and get ready for school.  I lay there for a minute thinking of my day and then I burst out of my bed, make it and pull my curtains open. 

I sneak out of my room checking to see if Brock and Lila are up but they are not up yet.  Pippa (my cat) follows me out of my room.  I speed walk down the stairs into the kitchen and say good morning to Mom.  

I empty the dishwasher and dry the dishes before pouring my cereal into a bowl and adding a blob of yogurt and milk.  I run upstairs to get dressed and brush my teeth.  Mom barks at me to come downstairs and pack the car and we're off!!

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