Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and Seek

I am panicking, people running around like headless chickens trying to find a spot to hide. Me being the kid that I am have already thought of a place, a place that I might even win in. This could be risky, what if I don't fit? What if I run out of time. As you may have already guest we are playing a really intense game of hide and seek and I am about to attempt one of the most daring stunt ever. Quick as a flash over to Danielle to move the tiered seating out so I can get in, that's right you heard me. I am getting in the tiered seating as the last bit of light disappears… everything is quite 3,2,1 here we come! I can here there footsteps coming, they’re right there. I’m going to be found this is it, found you! Phew! It wasn’t me. Ten minutes later I can hear people talking where’s Cooper? Then someone stomps on the seat I am under and then the best possible thing happens, someone says Cooper won! I get pulled out to people congratulating me and 10 points!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Arts blog

Trip to town 

As a class we went to town to go to the Art Gallery, the Margaret Mahy playground and to look at the street art. My favourite thing that I saw was a mannequin named Hori and the sun shades that are at the playground. I learned that art isn't not just a painting. It can be a sculpture a dance or just a building.

Arts activity 1 drama 

This week I did drama with Danielle. I did the play of Little Red Ridinghood with Liam, Sam, Ollie, Leon and Sean. I learned that drama is fun. 

Taking photos 

This week we went and captured the heart of Waimairi School through photos. I took this photo with Harry on the monkey bars. In the photo it captures people having fun, laughing and a tree in the background.


I worked with Jonti and Enzo. This is what it turned out like. The materials we used were a tin can for the body, two bottle lids for the eyes, popsicle sticks for the arms, legs, shield and the sword, cardboard for the belt and hot glue to stick everything together. My one is a table sitter.

Enzo’s and mine


Calendar art
This week I made my calendar art. The options that you could choose from they were collage, silhouette and tapa cloth. I chose collage. It went well because I didn't talk the whole time and because of that I finished on time.

This what it looks like

Fly on the wall

Jacob, Harry and I went to He Tangata to be a fly on the wall. A fly on the wall is someone who is like a spy documenting things people do, like when someone is practicing for something and someone else is watching and the other person doesn't know someone is watching. We went to He Tangata to capture the heart of Waimairi School. 

This is one of the photos I took 

Kapa-haka performance at Monday meet-up

On Monday at Monday Meet-up on the 11th of September the kapa-haka group performed for the school because we have to perform at Touhou Festival and we used it for a dress rehearsal. I didn't like being top less in front of the whole school. 

Money shot
When Harry Jacob and I went to He Tangata to do fly on the wall I took my money shot it shows people working together as a team to achieve there goal.

 I think the heart of Waimairi School is working together, co-operating and having fun, this photo shows all of these things.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

My speech


Have you ever gone camping? Camping is one thing that you just wish you could do over and over and over again. 

One day Dad said that he and I were going camping with one of his friends. I was so excited that I packed my bag without my mom's help. The next day I was up at about 5.00 in the morning and I was buzzing with excitement. After I woke Dad up and had some breakfast we were off to the supermarket to get some food. We got a pack of muffins that were the size of my head, cookies, steak, bread, trail mix and most importantly a 12-pack of lemonade….not a vege in sight! It took us half an hour at the supermarket. We were done packing the truck and we said goodbye to Mom, Brock and Lila. As kids do, not long into our road trip I got hungry so I nagged and nagged, so dad promised to go through the next drive through to get me some chicken 
nuggets. After I had finished my chicken nuggets with the help of dad, he told me about Sam, he told me that he had dune buggies and that there was a river with a swimming hole and a field.
It took a good 3 hours of driving but we were finally there. Dad said that Sam might be swimming and that we better set up. When we were taking a break we heard a rumble it was small at first and then it got louder and louder and louder who could it be? It was Sam! In a dune buggie and it was muddy like really really muddy. It was a dark shade of brown. When he came over he said phe was testing it because he had fixed it. 

Later that night Sam told me all the things there was to do like swimming, walking and dune buggy riding. After dinner I had to go to bed but I just couldn't fall asleep I was just too excited.  Somehow I managed to go to sleep maybe it was the idyllic river or maybe I was just tired.

The next morning I woke up to a gentle water flow and some birds chirping. Once I got dressed I walked out of the tent Dad said it was 10.00. So maybe I was tired. 

The next few days were full of swimming, really dusty dune buggy rides, laughter, fun and lots of eating. On the last day when we came back from one last dune buggy ride Dad had already packed the tent and was putting it in the boot with the cooler bin and the chairs. Once we said our goodbyes, we were off and sure enough I was hungry again so Dad said that I could have a muffin. Long story short it took me the whole car ride to eat it. When we got home mom didn't even recognise me because I was covered in dirt and dust and even once she recognized me she wouldn't hug me because I was that dirty. 

Have you gone camping? I bet you want to go now.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science Blog Week 9/10

Bmx Track

Things that are going well, I have finished the first corner and some more because I am working by myself and I can't talk to anyone.
Struggles, Not having enough play dough because I have been making the jumps entirely out of play dough. ( I have solved the problem by making the ramps out of cardboard and putting Play dough on top of the ramp.)
How I'm working, I am working very good because I am working by myself and I have no one to talk to. ( that's why I have got lots of work done.)
Improvements that I am going to make are, Not using lot of play dough.

Bmx Track Plan

Science Activity 

I am going to make a model Bmx track with a bike that you can push around the track.
I am working with by myself.
What I need. A4 paper box lid,dirt,straws,green plasticine,black and white fabric,toothpicks,black paint and back plasticine.
I am going to work in the office.

I would like the track to look like this.

Steps for the track

Flip the box so that the edges are facing upwards.
Pack the dirt so that the dirt is flush with the edges.
Paint the outsides black. ( wait till the paint is dry before you do the next step )
 Model your jumps and berms.
Put the decorative stuff on. (Start and finish line,track liner,gate and moto shed.)

Science Blog Week 8

Science Blog Week 8

What is force? 
Force is a motion, it can push, pull, accelerate or thrust. For example when you drive a car when you go to accelerate you put your foot on the accelerator and the car moves. Right? No it's not that simple. When you put your foot down it sends an electrical signal to the engine to make the pistons go around which makes the drive shaft go around which makes the wheels go around which makes the car increase speed. 
Or when a toddler picks up a toy car  the toddler pulls it towards he or she. So he or she is using the pull force.

The activity I did was rocket balloons. The materials you need to make rocket balloons are balloons, string, tape and a place to tape your string.
The steps were… 
Set your variables
Get your length of string.
Get your straw.Cut the straw to the length you want it to be.
Thread the straw through the string.
Tape the string to the table.
Blow up the balloon to the size you set it to be in my case 26 by 11 centimetres.
Tape the balloon to the straw.
Start recording your data and filling in your sheet.
Here is a picture of my data sheet

The average time was 2.89 seconds.
I have learned a lot of cool facts about force and motion like that you use force and motion every day, like when when a dog picks up his bone and take it away to its kennel. There is lots of force going on to the dog. Gravity is pulling the dog down and the force from the dog's bite is keeping the bone in his mouth.
I think changing the variables can change the data completely. Because when we put some rice in the balloon and it all spilled out at halfway and didn't go any further.

With the knowledge that I have gained this term I am going to make a Bmx track.

Science Blog Week 7

Rocket Balloons
Week 7
This week I made a rocket balloon with Kiri in room 13.
 I worked with Hamish.G, Jacob,Thomas.R and Liam.
I found out that when you tape the string to the wall you have to be careful about it because we had to retape the string because the rocket got stuck.
I wonder if I can make an up and down rocket.
I made a connection with force to Bmx.